Spring 2018

Spring 2018

YEOHLEE Spring 2018 is a cultural mélange from aesthetics to music. The inspiration springs from the "black and white," a service class from colonial days and Chinese scholars in robes with generous pockets for their calligraphy brushes.

The materials for the collection were singled out for their duality - blue cherry blossoms on a creamy background reverses into a royal blue color on the other side. 

An Aztec jacquard is ultra black on one side and flame red on the other.

The other fabrications are mostly cotton as in the white denim, the black and white paper cotton, and the jacket and skirt in creamy cotton twill.

Shape and cut are curved and linear. The two raincoats in linen with a waxy water repellant coating have concealed hoods ready for the rain.

What does one wear in an upside down world of change and disquieting weather?

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