Spring 2017

Spring 2017

Yeohlee Teng opened her studio in 1981 in a loft on lower Fifth Avenue in New York City. Born and raised in Malaysia, the ethos of small carbon footprint, just-in-time production, and conservation of resources are the core of her design practice.

YEOHLEE’s clothes are efficient, intelligent, comfortable and functional. They are clothes that you can wear in any context – work, dinner, on a bicycle, in the subway, UBER, MoMA, LAX, PEK or SIN.

Materials for YEOHLEE”s Spring 2017 Collection range from tech, to cotton and silk in colors of navy, khaki, cream and black. The fabrics come in textures of loosely woven buffalo plaid and finely woven silk gazar and georgette. There is a print in brushstrokes of ink on cotton lawn and coats with shape and form from the infusion of metal with cotton and silk. These fabrics transform innovative cuts and construction into wearable clothes.

Half of the looks presented today are from YEOHLEE’s Fifth Season, which is buy now, wear now.

Her motto has always been – minimize waste, maximize use.

Look 1, black and white silk georgette crew
             khaki cotton/silk/metal wrap skirt
Look 2, navy / white brushstroke cotton lawn duster
             khaki cotton / silk / metal pocket trouser
Look 3, navy on white cotton / nylon shutters coat
             navy / white brushstroke cotton lawn tank
             black silk georgette flare pant
Look 4, black silk georgette big shirt
             black silk georgette pull-on skirt
Look 5, navy on white cotton / nylon shutters keystone dress
Look 6, navy / cream cotton buffalo plaid jacket
             white and cream viscose elastane jersey crew
             black microfibre sarong
Look 7, navy / cream cotton buffalo plaid box top
             black microfibre culottes
Look 8, navy / white crinkle stripe cotton cabana dress dress
Look 9, khaki cotton / silk / metal coat
             butter cotton blouse
             grey / navy / white stripe poly cotton pajama
Look 10, khaki cotton / silk / metal jacket
               grey / navy / white stripe poly cotton tank
               black and white silk georgette sarong
Look 11, black and white silk georgette tuxedo dress
Look 12, black polyurethane-coated jersey pod coat
               white cotton shirt
               cream silk georgette tulip pant
Look 13, black and white silk georgette habit dress


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