Spring 2015 – YEOHLEE

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Spring 2015

December 04, 2014

For S15 Yeohlee considers the complexity of living and working in an urban environment and looks for simple solutions of what to wear. Yeohlee’s materials are a contrast of the organic and the manmade - in cotton, cupro, microfibre, polyurethane and silk, in vivid colors of cobalt and prussian blues with splashes of crimson and white and black. Her building blocks of cubes, crescents, ovals and triangles are collapsed in a black and white box top constructed out of a soft distressed double knit, worn with a colorful pair of cubist print shorts, Look 10. In contrast the square is flattened in Look 8, made of a dark umber crackled paper material of polyester and polyurethane over crimson microfibre shorts. Ovals, standing on ends, gives a light summery shape to the dress in pale grey cotton pinstripe lawn, Look 13. Ovals accentuate the body’s contours in brown and black microfibre, Look 12, and in a black cotton knit dress with a black and white ovals back, Look 21. Yeohlee’s collection looks toward dressing a woman with ease, comfort, grace and style and efficiently saving her time...