Spring 2014

YEOHLEE’s Spring 2014 Collection has a site specific inspiration - Jones Wood Garden where the show is being held. Woodsy, pretty colors in pink hues and shades of green and grey are the palette. The patterns in the collection, whether it be a print or a jacquard are uniquely cut and juxtaposed at each seam. These intersections create another detail and pattern. Yeohlee pays attention to the material she uses – their weight, texture, color and content. These elements inform each design as in the fluidity and lightness in the construction of the cellular print silk georgette dress in Look 3. The structure in Look 16, a pale grey dress with a powder pink yoke owes its shape as much to the bonded material as to the cut. The collection is designed so that the looks can be worn as shown or put together with any other item in one’s own singular style.
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