Spring 2013

“I found inspiration from the wit and audacity of Andrew Geller's architecture particularly the Pearlroth double diamond beach shack nestled in the dunes of the Hamptons. He extolled the simple life, respected common materials and added a dash of whimsy to his strict geometry.” Yeohlee Teng
YEOHLEE’s Spring 2013 Collection is constructed in the same spirit of whimsy out of material that are locally and internationally sourced, as well as vintage stock and fabric ends. The intention is to practice sustainability by using up available material and adhering to Yeohlee’s core philosophy of zero waste. There is a profusion of color, inspired by 50's architecture and futuristic survival tents in vibrant shades of yellows, oranges and lime with a fluid ocean blue that's the result of over dyeing the fabric, Look 12. The shapes within the collection are a contrast between structure and fluidity, the foundation anchored firmly in geometry. Look 16 is based on mathematical calculations - 6 x 6" wide rectangles cut from silk satin organdy ends makes a concentric 36", the dimension of the yoke. The 2nd seam, constructed with 6 x 7"rectangular flags is 42" in circumference. The flags on the bottom row are 6 x 9" with a 54" dimension. The structure and shape of the dress comes from construction based on these 3 eccentric circles. YEOHLEE’s Collection is for the self assured; for women who enjoy feeling comfortable and special in their second skins. There are hidden pockets to delight, clothes you can wash and clothes you will own and find useful for a long long time ...
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