Spring 2012

Yeohlee’s inspiration has evolved from the built environment to the Architecture of Energy and the Shape of Sound. Energy and sound are invisible to the eye yet they have a profound influence on our daily lives. Cutter ants, the spaces they occupy in a world envisioned by Lebbeus Woods are Yeohlee’s sources of inspiration for Spring 2011. Within YEOHLEE’s Spring 2011 collection, interstitial spaces are created by the intersection of opposing crescent shapes that form the lantern shaped skirts in Look 1 and 5. Rectangles and circles create cylinders that morph into the dress in Look 18 and the knit skirt in Look 19. The linear and angular patterns of the fabric in the collection are woven or knit from cotton, linen and silk yarns with metal added in some instances to give the surface an irregular texture as in the grey metallic ruched skirt, Look 14. The hand knit sweaters (Looks 16 and 17) and crochet top, Look 13, are the result of Yeohlee’s collaboration with local artisans. The palette is textural with introductions of blue and marigold into fields of white and shades of grey. The collection is as much about ideas as it is about wearable clothes. The pairing of the Bensimon shoes with the collection suggests how comfortable ideas can be.
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