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Snowpiercer's Lena Hall in PHOTOBOOK Magazine February 26, 2021

American actress, singer, and Grammy nominee Lena Hall spoke with Photobook magazine regarding her early life, hobbies, current work, and hopes for a post-COVID world. Hall is known for her work in Kinky Boots as well as her current role as Miss Audrey in TNT's Snowpiercer. The interview and photoshoot took place at her home and featured two pieces from YEOHLEE's Fall 2020 collection.

Styled by Elanur Erdogan
Photographed by Joey Wang

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"Jean Shafiroff: As You've Never Seen Her Before!" in February 26, 2021

American philanthropist and author Jean Shafiroff was photographed in her Park Avenue apartment wearing the YEOHLEE Black and White Gunmetal Water Repellent One-Size-Fits-All Cape.

“I love how Yeohlee’s architectural cape looks against the backdrop of Jean’s formal gallery. Made of a heavy water repellent textile that is black on the outside and white on the inside, the cape is one size fits all and is roomy enough to fit over anything.” - Marilyn Kirschner, Editor-in-Chief of Look on Line

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The New York Times - The Asian American Fashion Designers Who Shaped the Industry June 16, 2020

If there can be said to be a single group of people who have most effectively counteracted the monolithic idea of what it means to be Asian-American — a label that encompasses people with ancestry from countries in East Asia, the Pacific and South Asia — it might be the several dozen Asian-American designers who began to shape the fashion industry in New York beginning in the early ’80s. Their collective presence corrects at least some of the tokenism that has often defined the fashion world, where diversity can often be a one-dimensional gesture.