Fall 2016 – YEOHLEE

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Fall 2016

YEOHLEE’s Fall 2016 collection is a cultural mash-up of ninjas, samurai, and jedis’ in gamelan chic. She is mining the chaos of today as well as refining the crescents, triangles, boxes, squares and rectangles that are part of her vocabulary of cut and construction.

Fabrics continue to be a driving force as well as a source of inspiration. They run the gamut from charcoal boiled wool coats in Looks 2 + 4, to a taupe and blue double-faced wool and angora in Look 5. Zero waste is in play with the mauve/lilac/lime silk jacquard material that is floral, plaid and houndstooth. Yeohlee introduces a practical knee-length sarong in water-repellent stretch tafetta in Look 1, and an untraditional construct – a sarong dress in Look 13.

The late Richard Martin coined the term “The Fifth Season” to describe ‘Yeohlee’s year-round wardrobe which surpasses the four separate parts of the year, in his essay Energy + Economy, Measure and Magic, 1998. Yeohlee continues to pursue the idea of seasonless clothing with a percentage of the pieces seen on the runway today available immediately online.

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