Fall 2015

Fall 2015

YEOHLEE Fall 2015 is inspired as much by the times that we live in as by the women who navigate and affect them.  Yeohlee works on problem-solving, egress and navigation as well comfort and sensuality in her design process. Zero-waste and conservation of time, energy and material has always been part of the YEOHLEE ethos.

Look 1, a black and white forest patterned cotton jacquard is part of a series of 4 designs – a jacket, pants, skirt and top, Look 6, which has its yoke constructed from a left-over panel from which the jacket in Look 1 was cut. 

A matte black polyurethane fabric, which has always been part of YEOHLEE’s fifth season collection, is contrasted with a stenciled cotton material, giving the coat structure and extra protection with a double-breasted buttoned panel that conceals a separating zipper, Look 3.

The red stripe cotton dress presents a Sol Lewitt moment in Look 5.

The collection is enhanced by essential items like the lustrous black crew and turtlenecks in a cupro jersey with a delicious hand,  as well as simply cut black gabardine pants in Looks 3 and track pants in Look 10.

YEOHLEE’s dress up clothes are simple and friendly.  She uses a water color print in grey black and white wool/cotton tank under a cozy chunky grey/black knit kebaya with three large snaps, Look 11.

The collection is a celebration of material, craft in cut and construction, joy in math and in honor of the dignity and grace of the women Yeohlee continues to dress.

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