Fall 2013

On January 6, 1941 President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered what is now known as the Four Freedoms speech. These "four freedoms" - the freedom of speech, the freedom of worship, the freedom from want, and the freedom from fear is an inspiration more than ever, in today’s world. We now also have Architect Louis Kahn’s monumental tribute to FDR and his speech on Roosevelt Island - a built environment that is a true inspiration in scale, harmony, light, space and beauty. YEOHLEE’s Fall 2013 is a celebration of the freedom of expression that we enjoy today that we cannot take for granted. The collection is full of diversity of cut and color and clothes that enjoy the freedom of movement and ease. YEOHLEE re-introduces the Jerkin, a closely fitted man’s jacket without sleeves, in Looks 2 and 6, constructed in a hard brick red camlet fabrication, then soft in mélange grey and navy double faced wool/mohair. A profusion of color includes a lilac fold coat worn over a leaf green shibori knit shirt and a black/grey/cream crystal pleated tartan skirt with a grey leather belt. There is a blood orange slip and circle dress with a zero waste mobius accessory. YEOHLEE’s Fall 2013 collection brings together techy 21st century fabrics and vintage pindots in wool, pinchecks in cotton and pinstripes in nylon. The collection is locally made and the show, held in a former ribbon store, has the models making changes next door at Manny’s Millinery Supply Center. With YEOHLEE’s store and design studio right across the street the show location is a nod toward sustainability, small carbon footprints and zero waste. See more video of our show here: New York Times: Bill Cunningham's wrap-up of Fashion Week
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