Fall 2011

For Fall 2011 Yeohlee finds inspiration in the forms of the experimental musical instruments created by the Baschet Brothers; in Harry Bertoia’s brass and steel sound scupltures and in the wind-powered Singing Ringing Tree by architects Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu. The collection introduces a system of dressing that has a multi-cultural aesthetic and a nomadic feel. The cape in Look 2 is constructed out of a rectangle and a circle, in an Italian wool/cotton mélange fabric, and made in midtown. The resulting cylinder cape is worn over an alpaca poncho, hand knitted in Bolivia, over a bubble knit polo shirt in fabric from Japan. The last three dresses are made from the lightest weight fabric woven with silver threads on black sheer viscose. Here the fabric shines through with a minimal number of cuts and seams to each dress. Yeohlee’s Fall 2011 is a celebration of fabric, yarns, textures and colors, of contrasts in weight and surface, and of the sleek and the street.
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