Fall 2009


We all count. How many looks, how much time, how much? Fall 2009 for YEOHLEE begins with zero waste and traverses from 3 triangles out of 6, to 7 squares and 1 rectangle.

Drawing on the principle of economy in design, fabric and execution, Yeohlee has created a collection with zero waste. Every inch of the fabric is used; not one scrap of material is wasted. Crafted from the most utilitarian of fabrics, the worker group propels the suit into fresh territory, equipping the worker with a modular and functional versatility, a necessity in today's environment. The shapes and mood of the collection have an affinity to the industrial landscape photographs of Edward Burtynsky. The inverted cubed architecture of his quarries resonate with Yeohlee's signature geometries. In the mines, gritty piles of coal pile up in the form of a triangle-a shape, which in Yeohlee's work, cascades down the back in an avalanche (look 3). Planes pour over the body like molten metal (looks 16, 17 and 18) or envelop the figure in smoldering clouds of silk. Triangles, rectangles and squares morph into complex forms on the body (look 21, the Vorlon) or shelter the body in sheets of furry alpaca (look 12, the Yeti). Pared down and bare bones, the collection has a sense of purpose that resonates with primal efficiency.
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