Fall 2008

For Fall 2008, YEOHLEE began by appropriating the design and spiritual values of the Shakers, imagining them in a SANAA environment. Valuing utility, function, and the economical use of materials, YEOHLEE crafts a collection of objects that is reductive, created for comfort, work and travel. YEOHLEE's design philosophy is forward thinking, global in approach and not linked to any single cultural identity. In this collection many geometric and architectural design elements for which YEOHLEE is best known have been integrated with a malleability that allows both the wearer and the viewer to leave an imprint, see memory dress, look 21. Plum taffeta melange silks, black washed silk gazars, navy and olive quilted high-performance fabrics are cut into designs that wrap the body in silhouettes that defy a static definition. They morph and mold themselves into forms evocative of the prehistoric, looks 18 and 29.
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