Fall 2005

"Yeohlee has a specific point of view that emphasizes architecture and design as well as craftsmanship. One side of her clothing is warm and fluid while the other is geometric and architectural. She always pays strict attention to construction and material. She has a strong sense of self and she supercedes trends." - Kelly Bensimon, author, American Style
Yeohlee's Fall 2005 takes inspiration from a recent trip to Mexico City and the simple and pure shapes of Luis Barragan's architecture. This is realized through geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles, triangles and circles. Tiers of fabric, cut-outs, ruching and frayed edges - achieved by ripping the fabric instead of cutting it - are recurring design elements. This season also reaffirms Yeohlee's concept that clothing magically transforms when placed on the body. In its purest form, look 17 is simply two circles of black silk organza layered one over the other. When worn it becomes voluminous and dramatic. The five-square ink silk organdy skirt in look 13 similarly transforms from flat panels into organic waves. The dialogue between designer, fabric and construction is brought full circle by the addition of accomplished women as models. Their diversity in age, profession and lifestyle highlights the collection's versatility.
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