Fall 2004

“Fall 2004 is about and inspired by cultural and human chemistry, resulting in a collection that has eclectic references and influences from my collaborators who hail from other disciplines and worlds – artists and gallery owners, architects and hoteliers, film makers, floral designers, actresses, curators, writers and historians, each of whom has collaborated on his or her look/looks for the collection.” - Yeohlee Teng
YEOHLEE presents this latest collection, the result of a process of meetings, dialogues and fittings between the designer and her muses. The presentation at the Chemists Club includes all the collaborators in their looks, with a projected visual documentation of the process. Besides chemistry, YEOHLEE continues to play with geometry. This season she adds circles and semi-circles to her squares and rectangles from the Or ECollection of Spring 2004. There is an expression of optimism in the rich color palette this of purples, reds, browns and glimmers of gold. Fabrics range from sleek and sexy stretch silk satin, iridescent silk taffeta, nylon water-resistant taffeta, to the super efficient machine washable gabardine that she is known for. A Medieval thread is woven through the collection particularly with the presence of capes, hoods and mantles. This latest collection has allowed YEOHLEE to explore the process by combining different elements from a variety of design disciplines into wearable clothes of the moment.
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