Fall 2002

Yeohlee never strains to find inspiration for her collections; immersed in history, fine art and pop culture, the designer sees beauty and interest in many things. But it is her passion for architecture that continues to be the strongest influence in her work. Fascinated by what happens when traditionally nomadic people settle, put down roots and build, Yeohlee looks to Romania where gypsies have done just that. Using no architects or building plans, they employ free-form construction techniques, creating wildly intricate structures reminiscent of their Hindu heritage. Yeohlee’s Fall 2002 collection combines the nomads’ independent spirit with their devotion to functionality. Strong forms are played against lighter, feminine arcs, circles and semi-circles as the designer explores the intersection of opposites. Fabrics, including cotton batiste, silk satin organdy and felted double jacquard, are sturdy yet fluid, allowing the clothes to retain their shape as they move. “My goal is always to simplify,” says Yeohlee. “Time is such a valuable commodity in our lives today. I strive to provide a solution to some of the complexities we face. In taking a straightforward approach to design, I try to make the act of dressing simple, easy and efficient.” The color palette is natural: charcoal, camel, browns, grays and muted shades of black accented with white and mercurial shimmering hues.
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