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SEL MAGIQUE Classic Blend Fine Gourmet Salt

SEL MAGIQUE Classic Blend Fine Gourmet Salt

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The Sel Magique Company specializes in fine Fleur de Sel salt blends, hand-harvested and imported from Guérande, France. Produced in small quantities to ensure quality, batches are sealed and aged to infuse herb and spice essences into the salt crystals; allowing the flavor and aroma of each blend to develop over time. This artisanal technique ensures the highest quality and delicious flavor of these versatile, distinctive blends.

Add these salts to anything including vegetables, meats, fish, salads and more. Their balanced, mineral-rich saltiness is infused with subtle herb and spice notes to naturally enhance food flavors. Discover for yourself why Sel Magique is the go-to choice of chefs, celebrities, and fans of all ages.

Classic Blend is batch-blended from 5 all-natural ingredients: our Fleur de Sel de Guérande, Lavender, Thyme, Savory, and Marjoram. It has a mineral-rich saltiness, and savory body that finishes with a subtle herbal note. Use Classic Blend anywhere for an enhanced, gourmet experience. The savory standard.

Large Jar, gift boxed with enclosures.

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