Fall 2017

Fall 2017

Fall 2017 - a thoughtful moment like non other - where are we going, what do we need, how do we get there?
Perhaps cloaked in clothing that can empower and be worn with confidence and comfort to ease the way?
Or an exercise of  zero waste in the consumption of time and effort?
The collection is also a reflection on the potential of fabric. The zero waste coat in shades of umber and grey – Look 6 uses the full width of the fabric and consumes only sixty inches of the length.
The black and white stripey cotton and silk shirt, palazzo pant, raj jacket and long tank uses only four meters of the shibori fabric – four in four.
The pieces in the collection all have multi purposes - coats as dresses, dresses as tops, jackets as shirts as user-friendly as you wish or can imagine.

1 VARYA      camel hair kazimir coat
                     cappuccino nylon quilted vest
                     navy black gibson top
                      navy white wool ticking yoke pant

2 DIEYNA     camel hair cocoon coat
                      navy white wool ticking luther jacket
                      navy black crew neck tank

                      black microfiber gabardine cholo pant

3 TSUBASA  navy black angle top
                      navy black side slit skirt

4 VARYA        grey navy and umber cotton wool and mohair plaid jacquard
                       black microfiber gabardine pilgrim tunic

                       navy white wool ticking crescent pant

5 DIEYNA      black microfiber gabardine stalin coat

                       black microfiber gabardine three pocket dress

6 TSUBASA   grey navy and umber cotton wool and mohair plaid jacquard
                       zero waste coat
                       white paper cotton v neck top

                       black jersey jogging pant        

7 VARYA         black polyester matte rainwear jacket
                        black boiled wool hooded jacket
                        navy and white wool ticking tux
                        black tiller cotton tee
                        charcoal wool flannel pocket trouser

8 DIEYNA       black boiled wool zero waste snap sleeve jacket
                       black wool silk shibori mandarin shirt
                       navy white wool ticking pant 

9 TSUBASA   black wool silk shibori tunic
                       black wool silk shibori palazzo pant

10 VARYA      black grey nylon shadows coat dress with jersey sleeves

11 DIEYNA     charcoal wool flannel notch jacket
                       charcoal wool flannel yoke skirt

12 TSUBASA black navy camel wool burnout poncho
                       white paper cotton crop shirt
                       charcoal wool flannel pant

13 VARYA     black boiled wool jacket
                      white paper cotton big shirt
                      charcoal wool flannel pocket trouser

14 DIEYNA    blue umber and grey stripe stretch poly raincoat with scarf
                       charcoal wool flannel baju
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